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Insurance contracts and policies

Thanks to our experience in the field of insurance and translation, we use common international terminology which is accepted by the insurance market in order to convey the essence of every contractual term. As a result you get a professional translation that is guaranteed to boost your reputation and attract new clients and partners.


Texts related to reinsurance are full of specialised and complex terminology. Due to our expertise in the field of international reinsurance operations, and in-depth knowledge of various types of reinsurance, we guarantee you a consistent translation of the reinsurance terms and conditions in order for you to spread risks/costs and remain solvent.

Claim settlement

One of the areas of our specialisation is the translation of documentation relating to claims settlements. Often these are complex texts which use specific terminology. The supporting documents of the case can be written in different languages, including those which are less common and even rare. Applying our experience in handling a wide variety of different types of insurance losses, we meticulously and accurately translate the text. As a result you will be able to understand the details of the insured event, make the right decision about the loss settlement, and proceed with the claim payment in due terms.

Marketing and advertising

The task of marketing texts is to create or strengthen a certain image of the company, promote a service or product and support the sales process. Applying our extensive experience directly in the insurance industry, we convey the message most accurately using simple and easy to read language, while preserving the voice and tone of your brand. The result is effectively written marketing texts that will attract the attention of your target markets, help build long-term relationships and contribute to an increase in the volume of your sales.

Reporting and statutory documents

While working with reporting and statutory documents, we pay particularly close attention to using internationally accepted terminology, as well as correct conveyance of the figures. We consistently translate the reporting and financial data of your company, and professionally present the statutory and legal information to your shareholders and foreign partners.

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The clients of are over a hundred international insurance companies, brokers, professional associations and specialised companies that conduct business activities in the insurance market.

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